Testing and Publications

It’s time to raise your shipping standards.

When it comes to serving the educational test publishing industry, Langham Logistics passes with flying colors. We schedule drop off and pick up all within the timeframes each school district must adhere to according to state guidelines. Then we distribute inside your school’s designated secure area and pick up all tests according to the state testing dates. When the tests are completed, we retrieve the test booklets and return them to the publisher’s scoring center. We even offer warehousing and processing services to help expedite test results back to the schools.

In this very specialized segment of business, we take pride in our ability to go the extra step in ensuring your materials are handled correctly. We call every school two weeks before the scheduled pick up date of the tests. This phone call helps to ensure the testing coordinator understands the process and Langham understands any unique needs of the school. Preplanning allows Langham and the school to change the prescheduled pick-up date if necessary due to retesting needs, vacations, or illness.

We provide real-time visibility during the entire process to ensure all tests are picked up by the school districts by the 3 pm daily deadline. Web-based portals can be customized to give different levels of clearance access to all parties involved. Multiple carrier types are offered to accommodate the different pickup facilities. A communication log is available to trend the common questions and concerns that come with shipping such sensitive material.

Langham trends common questions or problems and relays information back to our customers. This allows our customer to update their instructional materials and provide better communication to the schools, so they understand the process better.

Find out more about how Langham is at the head of the class in a shipping service that is critical to state school superintendents and school districts all over America.